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Fantastic Pets

Fantastic Pets
Ražotājs: Microsoft
Modelis: Fantastic Pets
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Pieejamība: 1
Cena: 10,00€
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Product Description

Custom create, collect and interact with unlimited varieties of your very own dream pets! Using advanced augmented reality technology - watch as pets react to your real-world gestures and voice commands right on the TV screen in lush 3D virtual reality. Play with your pets in free-form play as well as classic activities such as fetch, bubble popping, teaching tricks, dressage and dodge.

Create Your Dream Pet:
Customise your dream pet with everything from skins, colours, patterns, wings, horns, tails and more!
Create an unlimited number of pets.
Virtual and Real Worlds Meet:
Augmented reality enables you to be on screen to interact and play with your pet!r>HaHands-on interaction with your pets.
Simultaneous On-Screen Multiplayer:
It's a pet party - be on screen with multiple pets alongside your sister, brother, friend, mum, dad, or grandparents!r>SiSimple to play - if you have a pet or want a pet, you'll get this game right away!
Voice Commands:
Talk to your pet and teach then tricksr>AmAmazing pet AI, unique personalities, lifelike reactions and behaviours.
12 Mini-Games:
Classics include fetch, pet wash, pi atas, bubble dodge, dressage, teaching tricks, grooming, and morer>DeDevelop nurtuing and playful relationships with your pets.
Fully Interactive:
Real-world environments, avatars, tutorials, unlockables, trophies, awards and daily events all wrapped inside a lush 3D world.
Share your Fantastic Pets experience with friends and familyp>

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