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Ninja Gaiden 3

Ninja Gaiden 3
Ražotājs: Sony
Modelis: Ninja Gaiden 3 PS3
Bonusa punkti: 0
Pieejamība: 1
Cena: 10,00€
Bez nodokļa: 10,00€

Ninja Gaiden 3 pirmo reizi piedāvā skatīt nežēlīgo pasauli ar Hayabus acim, atklājot viņa motīvus cīnīties un nogalināt. Šoreiz konflikta centrā ir cilvēks maskā, kura nodomi un mērķi nav īsti saprotami. Ar mistisko spēku palīdzību viņam izdodas izmainīt Hyabus un izdzēst robežu starp varoni un ļaundari, starp labo un ļauno.

Spēle piedāvā jaunu stāstu, jaunas iespējas un sižetu. Šoreiz Team Ninja ir parūpējusies arī par daudzspēlētāju režīmu, kas ir jauninājums Ninja Gaiden franšīzei un noteikti patiks īstiem faniem. Description

Ninja Gaiden 3 is the eagerly anticipated third chapter in the unrivalled saga that is Ninja Gaiden, and the sequel to the 2008 released Ninja Gaiden 2. This renowned action adventure game combines all the best aspects of the typical hack and slash genre, blending brilliant graphics with an innovative plot. This game focusses as much on the intricate storyline as it does the heavily bloody action, bringing you the best of both worlds.

The story follows the aftermath of the events that unfolded in the previous game, and you play as Ryu Hayabusa once again, whose name strikes fear in the hearts of every ninja around the globe. Ryu has received a mission from the Japanese Self-Defence Force, who have assigned him to take down terrorists, yet for this ultimate ninja nothing is ever simple. Ryu has been the victim of a blood curse that was inflicted upon his right arm in the previous game, cast as both a consequence and his punishment for all the lives he has taken. Unravel the secrecy that surrounds this mysterious masked hero, as this game allows you to completely immerse yourself in the protagonist, delving deeper into both his past and his present than ever before.

This new game offers a wide range of additional features that haven't been included in previous efforts, setting it aside from all the other games in the franchise. There is even an edit on Ryu's clothing: metal toes. These come in handy for his brand new move the Kunai Climb, which allows him to climb up walls and launch attacks on unsuspecting foes from above. Two new play styles have also been introduced; the first is Ninja mode, which is aimed at players who are more experienced when it comes to the game, giving them no extra help and allowing them to completely dominate every fight they're challenged to depending on just their own skill. The second is Hero mode, which is tailored for less experienced Ninja Gaiden players, allowing them to choose to apply assists throughout the game, such as automatic guarding and evasion.

Ninja Gaiden 3 has also extracted some features from the previous games, for example dismemberment, in favour of more realistic consequences to the opponent's flesh. When a foe is struck or sliced with Ryu's Dragon Sword, the player will actually recognise the resistance of the blade as it hits bone, with the enemy actually crying out in pain. The game balances this gore with more technically executed attacks, such as the Grip Of Murder, which is an Ultimate Technique specified to Ryu's cursed right arm, and can only be performed when his arm is charged and glows red after killing a specific amount of enemies. These additional features play in so well with the game and its incredible storyline, giving all players something to enjoy time and time again.

Feel like taking the fight to the rest of the world? Then take part in everything online play has to offer; join the Shadows of the World online! This boasts a horde of completely new and severe challenges, missions, and even introduces some new characters to the fray. With a wide range of online modes to choose from, you can play either co-operatively or competitively, and show the world that you are the real Ninja. (Cat Emerson)

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