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Resident Evil

Resident Evil
Ražotājs: Microsoft
Modelis: Xbox 360 Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Bonusa punkti: 0
Pieejamība: 1
Cena: 10,00€
Bez nodokļa: 10,00€


Vai esi gatavs tikt ierauts atpakaļ zombiju apsēstajā Raccoon City?
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City ir komandas šūteris, kas veidots no trešās personas skatu punkta un norisinās mirušajā metropolē Raccoon City. Šī ir pirmā franšīzes spēle, kas piedāvā daudzspēlētāju režīmu leģendārajā pilsētā. Spēlētāji varēs izvēlēties starp sešiem unikālajiem personāžiem, kam katram ir savas īpašās spējas. Description

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City brings you back to the start of the horrific biological warfare initiated by the Umbrella facility. It's 1998, and Raccoon City has been ravaged by the outbreak of the deadly T-virus created by the Umbrella corporation.

Prepare for spine chilling, adrenaline fuelled game play as you are instantly submerged into an incredible team-based third person shooter experience. The storyline instantly drops your character right into the heat of battle on the opposing team as an Umbrella Security Services (U.S.S.) soldier, becoming your usual enemy in an odd twist of fate that this game has planned. Your task is to eradicate any evidence of the outbreak ever existing, including survivors should you find any.

The campaign mode, which can be adjusted to suit either single player or have up to four player co-op, allows you to truly define your character; you will gain abilities and skills specific to their fighting style the more your experience level increases. As you trek through this vast and darkly screwed up universe, you will encounter many iconic landmarks featured throughout the Resident Evil legacy, and even the young Leon S. Kennedy as a rookie police officer on your hit list. If facing up against Bio-Organic Weapons (B.O.W.s) and horrifying zombies weren't enough, the US Government has also had the bright idea of sending in their own team of elite soldiers, quarantining the city and assigning them to investigate the cause of the outbreak. Prepare for elimination.

Alongside this, there is also an incredible online multiplayer experience to be enjoyed. This heavily competitive online mode is completely renovated due to the triple threat of the U.S.S., US Special Ops, as well as B.O.W.s and zombies. This game provides the full back story to the fall of Raccoon City, and lays out the foundations to the highly intoxicating and enthralling Resident Evil saga. Keep your wits about you in this high energy and truly thrilling game, as you never know what action or gun play awaits you around the corner. (Cat Emerson)